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Frequently asked questions regarding Covid-19 in Evenementenhal Gorinchem.

The government has decided that extra measures are needed before the summer, because the number of infections in the Netherlands is rising faster than expected. These additional measures apply until August 13, 2021 and therefore have no consequences for our trade fairs and events that are all planned after the 13th of August. In order to provide you with the best possible information, we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below as clearly as possible.

In the original step 4 of the opening plan of the Dutch government, events (such as trade fairs) are allowed again. That remains unchanged, because these are events where sufficient distance can be kept. This means that trade fairs and events can continue. However, the rules of the game will be temporarily changed in the period from July 10 to August 13. There is a maximum of 1 visitor per 5 m2.

For the time being, the additional measures apply until 13 August. In the second half of August, all adults who wish to, have been fully vaccinated. We are therefore confident that we will be able to restart our fairs and events from mid-August, as usual. That is, without 1,5 meters distance and with 100% visitor capacity. Possibly with tickets, but given that from mid-August all adults who want to have been fully vaccinated, we look forward to that with confidence. In any case: all scenarios are ready to start again, with or without additional measures.

The role of trade fairs and events is very important in many ways. There are several sectors in the Netherlands that have experienced the negative consequences of the corona pandemic. The Dutch government therefore sees trade fairs as the drivers of the recovery of the economy. This is where supply and demand come together and tomorrow’s innovations are presented and were Dutch business meets. There are industries that realize up to 40% of their annual turnover on events. A trade fair is also important for other service providers, such as stand builders. The local and regional economy also benefits when a trade fair or event takes place, such as hotels, taxis, etc.

Recently, we have conducted a large-scale survey among visitors to trade fairs taking place this autumn. In total, more than 6,000 respondents took part. This showed that 90% of the visitors plan to visit trade fairs again this autumn.

Easyfairs Netherlands follows the measures taken by the government.

Initially, we follow the measures from the government. In any case, we have further optimized our air treatment systems in the past period. This also helps limit the transmission of respiratory infections, such as COVID-19. In addition, there is now an even healthier and more pleasant indoor climate in our exhibition halls.

Yes, the catering at our fairs and events is open. We also follow government guidelines.

In case of cancellation by the exhibitor, the cancellation conditions as included in the terms and conditions. If Easyfairs have to decide to cancel a fair or event unexpectedly, Easyfairs will examine one-by-one whether the relevant event can be moved to a new date.

We advise you to follow our website, social media channels and recommend you to subscribe to the newsletter on the website of the fair or events you are interested in.

Entrance only possibly with a Corona Access QR, unless the government takes on new measures. 

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