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Minimelts Netherlands is a supplier of unique ice cream balls made with liquid nitrogen at -197°C. Minimelts is an exciting, premium ice cream made from fresh milk, cream and natural flavors. The ice cream is made in our Minimelts European factory based in Rujiena, Latvia, where traditional ice cream has been made for over 100 years.

Our vision is to preserve natural and delicious ice cream that’s made with fresh, premium-quality ingredients, working together with happy cows and farmers. Minimelts ice cream does not use artificial coloring, flavoring, GMOs, and the ice cream contains no palm oil.

Minimelts brand was founded in 1990s in America, by applying cryogenic experiments to ice cream mass. Ever since then, this technology has allowed our products to preserve their rich flavor that contains no air, making it a pure ice cream.

Our aim is to offer a whole new experience to the traditional ice cream market. Minimelts is a fun, different, and innovative way of enjoying ice cream. This is pursued by each of our Minimelts EU franchise partners, a big family with a vision to bring positivity and happiness to the world through means of ice cream.

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