Back Glanz Sprayer


The automatic Bake Glaze Sprayer covers your dough with Bake Glaze or further egg- and glazing agents. Exact, clean and economically. The single-user construction, designed by Boyens Backservice GmbH from Germany, allows a very high processing speed, faster than the expensive and high-maintenance conveyor-belt systems.

The innovative spraying bridge will be automatically activated by inductive sensors in that moment, the baking tray is in the right position. The use of five soft-airless nozzles guarantees nearly mist-free processing – very economical.

After spraying process the Bake Glaze Sprayer gives also the opportunity to use it as multifunctional decoration-table.

Cleaning the Bake Glaze Sprayer is quick and simple. Just connect the cleaning container and push the switch “cleaning-process”. Remove the tabletop and give it to the dishwasher.

Let yourself be inspired by this fantastic innovation.



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