Brouwer Thermal oil oven (AeroStatic)


The thermal oil oven is the product of years of development. Since the nineties the thermal oil oven is build in-house and has caused many satisfied customers. The robust construction, the user friendly control system and the good accessibility for service are only a few of the distinguishing factors. With a thermal oil oven you combine the best of both worlds. It offers the advantages of radiation and convection warmth. The heath of the floor is just as intense as a deck oven produces. With a convection ventilator (Turbo) is also gives the possibility to add circulation warmth to the baking area.

The transfer of warmth through thermal oil has some physical advantages compared to ovens who are heated through air or water. Thermal oil is extremely good in heat retention capacity, which is 2700 times greater than other heat transfer media. Consequence: A constant temperature in the baking chamber which allows constant baking combined with a very low energy consumption.

The boiler of the thermal oil oven can be heated through gas or electricity and is assembled with a magnetic pump.






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