Dry ice blaster IBL 3000


Clean your production process effectively and environmentally friendly with a compact, strong machine? The IBL 3000 dry ice blaster can support you and clean your production process effectively and environmentally friendly. The added value of dry ice blasting compared to steam cleaning is that it tackles very stubborn surfaces, whereby the dry ice blaster is able to make the production line look like new again. Think also of production environments where water is taboo.

The machine can also be used in difficult to reach areas or complex surfaces (between the (production) machines).

Why the IBL 3000?
– A compact machine
– High capacity
– Favorable price
– To be used for many (complex) cleaning challenges

Would you like to know more about the dry ice blaster IBL 3000 or are you looking for a supplier who can advise you on (complex) cleaning challenges? Contact us via telephone number 0546-660710 or mail: info@innovibv.nl.

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