Winterhalter offers the ideal solution for washing utensils in small kitchens or where space is tight. The GS 630 is the smallest utensil washer in the world. As a compact under counter, it delivers outstanding washing results for European standard boxes, baking trays, GN containers, serving trays and grease filters. If required, dishes and cutlery can also be washed in the GS 630. In foodservice, bakeries, butchers’ shops and fast food restaurants, the little utensil washer achieves a lot. It works hygienically and economically, whilst saving a lot of time. With numerous innovative solutions, the GS 630 fulfils the highest demands and sets quality benchmarks. It is easy to operate, offers hygiene safety and guarantees perfect washing results even with persistent stains. The ease of care and maintenance completes the performance package of the GS 630. Whether in foodservice, bakeries, butchers’ shops or fastfood restaurants, Winterhalter also offer a variety of racks, water treatments and detergent products to suit the items being washed and the type of soiling.

A perfect wash result and hygienic safety
The wash system consists of top and bottom reversing wash arms, that achieve maximum surface coverage with optimum power. As well as the standard programme, there is also an intensive and a short programme available – these can be selected according to how dirty the wash items are. The quadruple filtration system with Mediamat guarantees hygiene safety



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