Winterhalter, the specialist in dishwashers, sets a new standard in the market with the UF series. Thanks to the excellent washing results, ergonomic design and maximum operational efficiency, bakeries, hotels and food service companies have a new staff in the kitchen. Depending on the nature and volume of pollution a customer-specific software can be used. The software has been fully developed to the various needs. All models in the UF series are designed for professionals by professionals.

Clean. Ergonomic. Economic.
The UF series is the solution for specific customer needs. Depending on the available space and the dimensions of the dishes, the customer can choose between the UF-M (medium), UF-L (large), and UF-XL (extra large) models.

Winterhalter specially developed TurboZymechemie, by means of the unique soaking process for a perfectly clean dishes. Every wash again.

The new utensil washers are optionally equipped with our proven energy recovery. This provides savings in energy costs and a pleasant climate in the kitchen.

Other solutions of the UF series and advantages are: the hinged door, the rack dolly, standby mode for energy saving and more!

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