My Easyfairs

My Easyfairs

Exhibiting at an event usually takes a lot of work. Marketing material, invitation lists, stand personnel, there’s plenty to consider. But My Easyfairs is your helping hand. After the moment you book a stand for Bakkersvak, you will recieve your login details for My Easyfairs. In My Easyfairs is the online platform with which you can prepare your participation. Here you can register stand personnel, place stand orders and invite clients & prospects.

How does it work?

My Easyfairs is your helping hand, every step of the way when preparing for Bakkersvak. From the moment you book a stand to the day of the event, a timeline is set and clear todo’s are defined. My Easyfairs helps you from start to finish. Managing your online profile gives you more visibility on the event website, reaching a wider audience. Plus, My Easyfairs enables you to invite clients and give them a timely welcome at the event. Back at the office, My Easyfairs simplifies your event follow-up activities, so you don’t miss valuable leads.  And you can even get a head start on your next event with re-usable content. My Easyfairs is here to help you make your event participation a success.


The more extensive you fill in your online profile, the more interessting information there is to find about your company – prior, but also during and after Bakkersvak. This way you can reach an interesting target group even before your actual participation.


When you log in to My Easyfairs as an exhibitor, you will see a timeline made up of different steps. When you go through and complete all these steps in full, you will get the most return from your participation and My Easyfairs. An extensive manual has been drawn up for each step. View the manual via the buttons below.

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