Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bakkersvak?

Bakkersvak is the annual trade show for the bakery sector which takes place in the spring. Bakkersvak focuses on the business market and is not accessible for private consumers. The show lasts three days and takes place on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday from 10 am till 5 pm.

2. What is the visitor profile of Bakkersvak?

Bakkersvak is a trade show with an exclusive focus on the business market. Visitors are owners of a bakery, crafted or industrial baker, production manager, bakery employee, shop assistant, purchaser, pastry chef, technical manager and chef(cook). Click here to view the complete visitor profile.

3. On which social media channels can I find Bakkersvak?

We are happy to hear that you want to follow us! You can find Bakkersvak on FacebookTwitter & LinkedIn.

4. Does Bakkersvak also have a mobile app?

No. You can always send suggestions to

1. What are the date and opening hours of the show?

Bakkersvak takes place on Sunday 10 March, Mondag 11 March and Tuesday 12 March 2019 in Evenementenhal Gorinchem. During all show days the doors are open from 10 am till 5 pm.

2. How do I get to Evenementenhal Gorinchem?

Evenementenhal is easily accessible by car and by public transport. You can view our directions by car and by public transport here.

3. Which exhibitors can I find on the show?

The exhibitor list can be viewed here. The floor plan can be viewed here. Every visitor receives a  exhibitor list and floor plan at the show.

4. Is there a cloakroom available?

Yes, there is a cloakroom available. The cloakroom is guarded, but at your own risk. Cases, bags and other attributes are not accepted. The cloakroom is free.

5. Can I bring children to the show?

Yes, it is allowed to bring children to the show. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and need to fill in an insurance form. If you have indicated to bring a child under the age of 16, you will receive an insurance form. You can always fill out this form at the show itself.

6. Is there childcare available?

Childcare is only available on Sunday. During the opening hours of the show, you can bring your child here.

7. Where can I view the show programme?

Click here to view the programme.

8. What is the Smart Badge?

If you visit the show, you will receive a badge. This badge is made with a special chip, therefore it is called a ‘Smart Badge’. With your Smart Badge, you can scan exhibitor stands to receive more information. After your visit, you will receive an email which contains all exhibitor and associated information that you have scanned during the show. For more information about the Smart Badge, click here.

9. Can I enter and exit the show at all times?

Yes, you can enter and exit the show at any time (during opening hours) via the main entrance.


10. Can disabled people visit Bakkersvak?

Of course, everybody is welcome. Evenementenhal is well accessible for disabled visitors.

11. How do I find my way on the show floor?

You can view the online floor plan before the show here. On the show itself, you will receive the floor plan. There are also several (large) maps spread throughout the show floor.

12. Are there taken any recordings during the show? 

During the show, our photographers and videographers record Bakkersvak as beautiful as possible. It is possible that you are captured on these recordings. If you don’t want to be on any photo or film, try to avoid the camera teams.

1. When can I register for the show?

The visitor registration opens a few months before the show.

2. Where can I register for the show?

Click on the ‘register here’ button at the top of the page. This button will show once the registrations are up. 

3. How can I visit the show / how do I get an admission ticket?

If you want to visit the show, you must register yourself. Registration is only able with a code, you will be invited by one of your suppliers. After you have registered yourself, you will receive a confirmation email which contains your admission ticket.

4. Can I visit the show for free?

Yes, but only on two conditions:
– You fit the visitor profile (click here to view this profile)
– You have registered yourself in advance. Registration at the show itself costs € 25,-

5. Can I visit the show as a hobby baker?

No. Bakkersvak is a trade show, exclusively intended for the corporate market.

6. I didn’t register myself in advance, what to do now?

No problem, you can register yourself at any time. Even on te show day itself, if you register online. Provided when you have a code. If you didn’t register yourself before the show, you have to pay € 25,- entrance fee.

7. Why do I need a code when I want to register myself?

Bakkersvak is a show with a targeted visitor profile. To ensure the quality of the show, we would like to guarantee this visitor profile. If you fit in the visitor profile, you will automatically receive a code (for example, by email). People who do not meet the visitor profile will not receive a code and can’t access the show.

8. A code is requested in the registration system, but I don’t have a code?

In order to register for Bakkersvak, submitting a code is mandatory. For example, this code can be found in an invitation or personal email. Didn’t you receive a code? You can request a code by one of our exhibitors.

9. Can I register more than one person on one single ticket?

No, each admission ticket is valid for one person. Do you want to visit the show with more people? Then everyone should register themselves separately. Each code is valid for two people.

10. I lost my admission ticket, how do I get a new one?

Please send an email to with your question. We will resend you the confirmation email with your admission ticket.

11. I didn’t receive a confirmation email, what to do now?

Please send an email to We will send your admission ticket manually.

12. Do I have to bring my ticket with me?

It is required to bring your ticket to the show, otherwise we will not be able to give you access. You can print your ticket or scan it on your smartphone.

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