Why exhibit?

Why exhibit?

Do you know the baker of today ánd the baker of tomorrow? Do you want to meet them? Bakkersvak attracts a large number of industry professionals from all over Holland, presenting you with a big opportunity to engender leads, strengten your brandname, showcase your products and close deals.

Thanks to our EasyGo marketingpackages you can get even more out of your participation. It forms part of the standard Easyfairs offer, but we give you a choice, depending on your objectives: more visibility or more leads? Or perphaps you like both? EasyGo boosts your reach, exposure and ROI every time you participate at an Easyfairs event.


Bakkersvak is a unique mix of networking, professional competititions, inspiring demonstrations and presentations from influential thought leaders sharing their perspectives on consumer, nutrition and industry trends.


Nothing replaces face-to-face business interaction for building (new) relationships and show the capabilities of your products. Bakkersvak is the perfect place to meet over 9.000 professionals from all over Holland, who are focused on new products and services.

A driven team

Easyfairs is a global top 20 player in organizing trade fairs and public events. And just like you, we are part of the target group - our vision is to help this sector move forward.

Exhibitors about Bakkersvak

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