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Let us know you'll be there

Bakkersvak is the perfect opportunity to meet all your (potential) business relations and show them your newest products and services. It therefore can be important to promote your attendance at Bakkersvak in preparation of the exhibition. Together with you as an exhibitor, we strive for an exhibition floor full of qualitative visitors. In order to make your participation known through all possible channels, we offer you various tools to promote participation and make it even more successful.

Promotional package

In addition to the digital promotinal tools, you will receive a promotional package by post containing printed invitations. With these invitations  you can once again draw your relations’ attention to your participation or invite them to visit the exhibition.

Beste communicatiekanalen

What are the best channels to draw attention to your exhibition participation? We have listed a number of good options for you:
  • Announcement on own website
  • Announcement in own newsletter
  • Banner in email signature
  • Send a printed invitation card with, for example, invoices
  • Announcement on social media
Communicatie Bakkersvak & IJs-Vak
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