Why visit?

Why visit?

Bakkersvak is the only platfrom where the entire bakery ánd ice cream sector from the Netherlands comes togheter for inspiration and innovation. Apart from the traditional and industrial bakers, ice cream makers, chocolatiers and patissiers – hospitality entrepreneurs and caterers also come to the fair to be inspired by the craft.

Bakkersvak belevenis

Innovatie en inspiratie

Wat do you need to enhance your effciency, sharpen your skills and elevate your career? At Bakkersvak you have te opportunity to discover the latest trends and innovations, connect with colleagues and exchange ideas with top baking and business professionals.

Experience and professional competitions

Bakkersvak & IJs-Vak is also the right place for prestigious professional competitions. For example, the Dutch Pastry Team annually organizes the Dutch Pastry Award. This professional competition at the highest pastry level will be organized for the 22nd time next year.

In collaboration with the Ambachtelijk IJscentrum, various IJs-Vak competitions also take place at IJs-Vak. The picture is complete with the addition of the Netherlands’ most leading professional competitions for traditional ice cream makers.

Wedstrijden Bakkersvak
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