Why visit?

Why visit?

Bakkersvak is the only platform where the entire bakery and ice cream sector from all over the Netherlands come together for inspiration and innovation. Besides the artisan and industrial bakers – ice cream makers, chocolatiers, catering professionals and caterers also visit the show to be inspired by the craft.

Bakkersvak belevenis

Innovation and inspiration

More than 8.200 visitors get a look into the future of their profession, and we, as Easyfairs, want to keep inspiring the industry with our mission “Visit the future”. At Bakkersvak you will find hot topics that give you practical tools to help you face the challenges that you face. Together with the exhibitors, we create a platform where professionals are can broaden their skills, where senses are stimulated and new ideas are born.

Experience and competitions

Bakkersvak is thé place for prestigious, professional competitions such as the Dutch Pastry Award (yearly organized by The Dutch Pastry Team). This competition at the highest pastry level will be organized for the 22st time next year!

In 2020 a beautiful competition was added in collaboration with the Ambachtelijk IJscentrum: the Gouden IJsspatel. We will continue to build on this collaboration in 2021. With the addition of this (most) prominent competition for the Dutch ice cream makers, Bakkersvak has the whole package.

Wedstrijden Bakkersvak
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