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At Dobla we aim for the finest indulgence. Cake, pastry, a dessert, coffee or ice cream should not just taste great, it has to look irresistible too.

It is therefore our mission and passion to help our customers to create exciting experiences for their consumers through our chocolate decorations.

Dobla offers the finishing touch that turns your product into something special, creating an exciting experience. It is the finishing touch that turns the ordinary into extraordinary. It is the little extra that makes a big difference for your products & business.
That’s what we call ‘The Dobla Touch’

Since 2018, Dobla has been part of IRCA, a fast-growing Italian company, specialized in chocolate, patisserie, ice cream and bakery products. IRCA was founded in 1919 and is a well-known name in Italy. The company serves many customers with a wide range of products. Besides market leadership in Italy, IRCA exports to more than 90 countries.

In 2018, Dobla – the leading producer and supplier of innovative chocolate decorations – was acquired by IRCA in order to expand the total product range, offering a more complete assortment to customers.

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