For today's ice cream specialist

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Ice cold inspiration

On 16, 17 & 18 October 2022, the entire artisanal ice cream industry will come together for the third year in a row at Vakbeurs IJs-Vak. This unique event offers visitors the opportunity to see all trends and developments around ice cream and ice machines in one day. At IJs-Vak you will find everything for your ice cream parlor!

Opening of the new season

Due to its timing so early in the spring, Vakbeurs IJs-Vak is the unofficial opening of the new ice cream season. Of course that includes a special artisan ice cream! In recent editions, a number of master ice cream makers provided a festive ice cream breakfast to give the start of the season extra strength.

For whom?

If there is one thing that all visitors to IJs-Vak have in common, it is their passion for ice cream. The fair is not only interesting for ice cream makers and specialists, but also for bakers and patissiers. This is primarily due to a large overlap in professional techniques, machines, raw materials and even suppliers. But also because more and more bakers are selling homemade ice cream to stimulate their turnover. Of course, catering professionals are also a welcome guest on the exhibition floor of IJs-Vak.

Professional Ice Competitions

In collaboration with the Ice Cream Center and the Guild of Master Ice Cream Makers, renowned Ice Cream Competitions are organized annually at the IJs-Vak Trade Fair. Live battles for the best ice cream in the Netherlands erupt on the exhibition floor. The winner takes home the Golden Ice Cream Spatula. The Golden Ice Creation is also awarded to the maker of the most delicious and most beautiful coupe.

Two craft fairs under one roof

At the same time as Vakbeurs IJs-Vak, Vakbeurs Bakkersvak also takes place. This only complete event for the entire Dutch bakery sector is also definitely worth a visit. Naturally, a lot of attention is paid to bread on the exhibition floor, but confectionery, patisserie and chocolate are also extensively discussed. Who knows what inspiration you will come across for a possible extension of your salon!


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